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Why choose Senior Insurance Solutions?

We Are Local!
We have clients tell us all the time that they are bombarded with calls and mail from out of town sales agents and telemarketers representing big corporations. We are different. We are local and what we enjoy most about our job is building a relationship and getting to know our clients.  We know Medicare can be confusing – so let us be your advocate and always ensure you are in the plan that fits your needs and budget.

Keep your physician and your preferred network, but enjoy the benefits of multiple company representation through our agency to always ensure you are in the best possible plan that is fitting your needs and your budget.

We work around your schedule! We can meet you in our office or come to your home – whatever works best for you! Since we are local, call us anytime to schedule a sit down appointment – regardless of if you are an existing client or wanting to sit down and discuss your options and what we offer.

Client Commitment
We take pride in the advocacy we provide for our clients through our ongoing commitment to you and your trust in us.  We will conduct annual insurance reviews to ensure your coverage and benefits are up to date. We participate in continuing education to stay aware and knowledgeable of plan or market changes that may affect you.  We also facilitate the process of any adjustments that effect your policies with us including new payment information, name changes, change of address and more.



Our Products

Medicare Products

Traditional Medicare coverage 80% of your medical bills which leaves the remaining 20% as an out of pocket expense to you. This could potentially be a major liability, especially to people who are retired or on a fixed income. Supplementing traditional Medicare is highly recommended and there are two different options to choose from:



Medicare Supplement Plans

Original Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) & Part B (Medical Insurance) as primary insurance. MediGap becomes secondary coverage to fill the 20% gap in coverage that you are responsible for.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Instead of original Medicare, you will receive Hospital and Medical insurance from a private company which doubles as both your primary AND secondary coverage. By choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan, you are opting out of original Medicare.

Include Prescription Coverage?

Medicare Supplement Plans

No - You MUST have minimal essential prescription coverage to avoid premium penalties and will therefore need to also pick a Part D Plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Most Plans - This is an "all-encompassing" plan comprising of parts A (Hospitalization), B (Medical), & D (Prescription Plan).


Medicare Supplement Plans
– there are annual premiums associated with a MediGap policy that you are responsible for paying to maintain coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans
Little to None
– Depending on your geographic location, there could be minimal monthly premiums associated with a Medicare Advantage Plan.


Medicare Supplement Plans
Little to None.

Medicare Advantage Plans
- Anytime you use this plan, you will receive a bill. Depending on your geographic area, there can be up to a $6,700 max out of pocket expense.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Medicare Supplement Plans
- other than the annual premiums for the policy.

Medicare Advantage Plans
Yes –
depending on your geographic location, there can be up to $6,700 that you would be responsible for out of your pocket.


Medicare Supplement Plans
- Can use any doctor that accepts Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans
- Only a select number of doctors accept this plan.

Other Things to Know

Medicare Supplement Plans
All carriers of this plan offer uniform benefits. Plan F with one company is EXACTLY the same as Plan F with another company. The ONLY difference is the premiums they charge.

Guaranteed renewable.

Medicare Advantage Plans
May include additional Dental, Vision and Hearing benefits.

Not guaranteed, changes yearly.


Prescription Plans


Are medications covered by Original Medicare?

No, they are not. Part D is what covers prescription medication and you must enroll in a plan to get this coverage. We can help you with this.


What if I am on a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Part D is included most Medicare Advantage Plan.


Do I still have to enroll in Part D if I do not take any prescription medication?

If you do not enroll in a PDP there could be potential premium penalties depending on your situation. We can discuss with you further for more details.

What else should I know?

Most often, the cost of prescription drugs are one of the most expensive expenses of seniors age 65+ and costs of them continue to rise, up almost 10% from just one year ago.

Life Insurance

Why is life insurance important?

Ensuring surviving family members are not financially burdened with funeral costs during an already emotional time.

How much does a funeral cost?

The average funeral costs between $8,000 and $10,000.

What other costs are common to consider when tailoring a life insurance plan?

Generally, it is important to people that their surviving spouse or family members can continue living their normal lifestyle. This includes ensuring that they can pay their mortgage, other monthly expenses and replace and lost income and/or social security.

How do I decide what is the best plan for me?

Talk with your agent! We are licensed professionals that can help you design a plan that fits your needs and budget and give you the ease

Recovery Care

What is Recovery Care?

  • Assistance needed when recovering from an illness, accident or surgery
  • Rehabilitation from a Hospital Stay
  • Terminal Medical Condition

Do I have to go to a facility for Recovery Care?

No – you have several options including:

  • Skilled nursing facility
  • In-Home Assisted Care
  • Receive Out Patient Care in a private practice or hospital

Doesn’t Medicare cover Recovery Care?

In some cases, yes. But research shows only 9% on average is covered by Medicare.


How do I decide what is the best plan for me?

Talk with your agent! We are licensed professionals that can help you design a plan that fits your needs and budget and give you the ease


Is it likely I will need Recovery Care?

70% of seniors over 65 require some form of recovery care in their lifetime.*


Is it likely I will be there long?

The average patient is discharged after 270 days.** 79%of men and 74% of women stay in a nursing home less than ONE year.***


What does it usually cost for Recovery Care?

This depends on a lot of different factors but below are a few average figures****:

  • Semi Private Room: $5,940/month
  • Private Room: $6,570/month
  • Assisted Care Facility: $3,131/month
  • Home Health Aide: $5,040/month
  • Adult Day Health Care Center: $2,010/month

What are the options for paying for Recovery Care?

  • Privately, through your personal funds.
  • Medicare Supplement, which only pays what Medicare approves
  • Private Insurance, through a policy tailored to your needs and budget

*, **, ***, ***** (Monthly rate based on average daily rate times 30)

Dental, Vision, & Hearing

Does Medicare not cover Dental, Vision or Hearing needs?

No – it does not.

Is it affordable?

Each plan is different, but generally this coverage is affordable! Ask us for a quote.


What if I am on a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Depending on certain factors, your Medicare Advantage Plan could have DVH coverage. Ask us to review your plan with you to find out!

Home Health Care

What is Home Health Care?

It is a policy that allows you to recover from an illness or injury in your home versus another facility.


How is it different than Recovery Care?

Home Health Care is designed to assist with daily living and household tasks. It does not provide skilled nursing.

What if I am on a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Depending on certain factors, your Medicare Advantage Plan could have HHC coverage. Ask us to review your plan with you to find out!

Cancer Coverage

Why would I need a Cancer Policy?

To fill gaps in traditional health care.


Medicare and MediGap don’t pay for everything?

A Cancer Policy provides coverage unobvious expenses. 67% of cancer costs are related to indirect costs such as lodging, meals, deductibles, transportation and lost income.


What if I choose to self insure on the indirect costs that may arise out of a diagnosis and treatment?

1/5, according to a survey conducted, had to use all of the savings on Cancer Care and costs associated with it.*


Is it all that likely I will get cancer?

New diagnosed cancer cases neared 1.7 million and of those, 60% were over the age of 65.

Hospital Indemnity

What is a Hospital Indemnity Policy?

It is a policy that provides cash benefits to use for medical expenses,  and out of pocket costs that aren’t covered by primary insurance plans.


Does the policy pay the hospital or me?

One of the great benefits of this policy is that the benefits go straight to you and your family to help cover immediate expenses or cover out of pocket expenses.

Can I buy a policy regardless of my primary plan?

A Hospital Indemnity Plan pays regardless of any other type of insurance and pay be used for non-medical related expenses such as transportation, dining and lodging of loved ones.


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